Our Team


Our Team – Our people give you a level of personalized service and are dedicated to the success of your meeting; each team member contributes to the creation of a memorable experience for your participants and the realization of your program objectives.

The following MICE Uganda team will work with you before the conference;

  1. The Executive leadership who will meet with you to understand your requirements and discuss all relevant logistical requirements needed to prepare for the conference and also provide strategic direction from MICE Uganda’s side. will then come up with your customized meeting  proposal, they work with you to analyze the services required, including registration, badges and welcome kits, on-site equipment, and hotel reservations; identify budget parameters; discuss participant dynamics, including translation or other special needs.
  2. Finance and Accounting responsible for budgets, accounts, foreign and local currency which will also be related to any requirements for excursions by delegates.
  3. Sales executives who Research appropriate suppliers, vendors, and present options that match your requirements and create program options that match your company parameters. They are available throughout the program to answer questions and ensure accuracy.
  4. The Online Registration form will be developed and maintained by our IT and innovation. The online booking form and ensure that all required data is collected as per your specifications.  We will provide a link that can be shared on your website to directly link the delegates to the registration form through your conference website. Your organization’s assigned convention planner or management team will have access by special pass code to helpful reporting tools that show who has registered, the number of participants signed up for each event, and even special meal requests, just to name a few of the options available.
  5. We will also provide a telephone registration service with helpful Customer Service Representatives on staff.
    The staff that will work with you during and after the conference include:

    • Program managers headed by the executive who will be available at the Conference venue to assist with the hands on and coordination roles. These are your day-to-day contact during your program. They manage the operation of your program, finalize all event details, fulfill all program components, and assist with additional services as requested.
    • One Air manager who the airline reconfirmations and rescheduling as may be required.
  6. We will also position a corresponding number of ushers that will be positioned as follows:
    • Meet and Greet arrivals lounge, these will direct the delegates to the waiting vehicles that will transfer them to their respective hotels.
    • Ushers at the buses to assist and escort delegates that will be transferring to the hotels
    • Ushers per designated hotel to receive the guests, assist with the checkin process and hand them over to the hotel management.
    • Ushers at the conference venue to assist the delegates in directing them to the meeting sessions and answer any questions they may have.