Conference Logistics

Conference and Convention Design-Our up-front convention planning ensures that we understand your requirements early and are best positioned to respond to your needs. Conference planning, registration, and management can be a logistical challenge.


We handle upon your request the following on your behalf:

  1. We have a network of and access to bilingual secretaries, rapporteurs, computers, printers, hostesses and internet facilities that we can provide to support your work during the conference
  2. Our Communication personnel can interpret your communication and branding strategy and provide support including Media coverage, Photography, videography and audiovisuals, handle your invitations (production and distribution of the invitation cards) and publicity for the event through :
  3. PORTABLE SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION SYSTEMS (SIS) HIRE – which is composed of a standalone booth during the opening session and plenary sessions, tabletop booths, desk and mobile wireless microphones, headsets for, delegates’ comfort, loudspeakers, language selectors, amplifiers and control units during the sessions. The package also includes technicians who will be in charge of setting up and supporting the use of this equipment and the Confirmation of Interpreters and guests.
  4. Coordination Services include the provision of Ushers to support meet and greet services at the Airport plus transfers. Coordination of internal ground transfers plus redirecting guests within the venue of the conference
  5. SECRETARIAL SERVICES, COMPUTERS and PRINTERS -The company can provide the client with computers, printers and secretaries who are multilingual for the servicing of the secretariat. The computers provide are based on all the 6 United Nations languages and the printers supplied are Color Laser jet printers as well as Black and White Laser printers. The consumables however, like paper and toner Cartridge can be provided by the client. The provision of Document holders and stationery, photocopying and Secretarial services as required.
  6. Entertainment and Social Events coordination including site seeing and Decoration of conference rooms, (cultural evenings, cocktails, dinners and concerts).
  7. Ushering services for the Meet and greet at the airport and subsequent guest transfers to respective Hotels
  8. Conference Branding; T-shirts ; Conference ; Invitation Cards.