Hotels Process

Identification and negotiation for conference delegates favorable group rates based on numbers that will stay at the hotel. For this we will require guidance from you on which clients want which hotel category.

Our recommended hotels are

  1. Serena Hotel, Kampala.
  2. Munyonyo common wealth Resort
  3. Sheraton Hotel.
  4. Lake Victoria Serena Hotel
  5. Golden Tulip Hotel.
  6. Hotel Africana.
  7. Golf Course Hotel
  8. Naguru skyz
  9. Mestil Hotel & Restaurant
  10. Hotel African
  11. Imperial Royal

We will provide summary information and pictures about the hotels and a link that can be shared on your conference website, when clients click on it they will be transferred to the booking page so that their particulars and required days of stay will be collected. So long as the clients mention that they are attending your Conference, they will be immediately directed to the booking sheet and the charged levied will be those negotiated by us with the hotel.

EXCURSIONS BOOKINGS – Pre and post conference tours

Pre and post conference tours – As a safari provider, we will provide a set of tailor made safari packages that can be placed on the website and the client can already get an idea of the available excursion. Once we receive a booking for an excursion, our safaris team will put together the package, make the reservations for all required accommodations, permits, collect the payment for the trip and conduct the safari for the client.

We can handle the following:

  1. Safari planning and execution to all the National parks of Uganda and Rwanda
  2. We provide scheduled and chartered Air travel on domestically operated flights.

TRANSPORT – we can provide transport for both the VIPS and their delegations. The following types of vehicles are available for hire:

  • VIP Vehicles which include Mercedes Benz, Crown.
  • Coaster Buses
  • Service Cars to support the delegations and these include land cruiser Prado

A daily rental rate for the chosen type of car as per above list will be charged. This rate will communicated later. Please note that the vehicle cost is inclusive of the driver’s fees but exclusive of the fuel it is the client’s responsibility to buy the fuel.

Payment will be by three methods

  1. Cash payment directly but with a credit card is required as reservation guarantee
  2. Payment by Bank Transfer to MICE Uganda and a hotel voucher will be issued for the hotel on arrival or even before travel to Uganda
  3. Credit card payment to an account number that will be communicated.

All cancellations shall be guided by the cancellation policy as shall be advised.